About the Founder Stage

The Founder Stage is a pitching competition focusing in the education sector, offering a platform for innovative minds to showcase their groundbreaking ideas. Entrepreneurs, startups, and visionaries will take the stage to present their solutions aimed at revolutionizing education. From cutting-edge EdTech solutions to pioneering educational methodologies, participants will pitch their concepts to a panel of esteemed judges and a diverse audience of educators, investors, and industry leaders.
This pitching competition seeks out innovative educational ventures that are creative, impactful, and scalable. Its goal is to identify and support promising projects that have the potential to shape the future of education

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Discover why participating in our Founder Stage could be your next big opportunity

Pitch to leading VC and investors

Win funding and support worth up to RM50k

Increase visibility and media exposure

Get valuable feedback and mentorship

Founder Stage

Prizes and Awards

Grand Winner

Recognition for overall excellence

Best Innovation Award

Honoring groundbreaking ideas

Explore the exciting prizes and prestigious awards awaiting winners

Application Fee: RM 1,000
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Greatest Potential Award

Highlighting projects with significant future impact

Best Presentation Award

Awarding the most compelling presentation

Founder Stage


1 Apr 2024

Open for Registration

10 Jun 2024

Application and Pitch Deck Submission Deadline

15 Jun – 16 Jun 2024

Preliminary Round (Online)

22 Jun 2024

Semi-Final Round (Online)

29 Jun 2024

Final Round (Top 10 Onstage Pitching)

Who can apply

  1. Startups based in Malaysia with innovative solutions in the education sector.
  2. Entrepreneurs committed to making a positive impact on Malaysian education.
  3. Teams with scalable and feasible projects that can contribute to the Malaysian education landscape.
  4. Individuals passionate about revolutionizing education within Malaysia.
Founder Stage

Application Flow Chart

  • Registration

    Complete the online registration form to express your interest in participating.

  • Submission

    Submit a detailed pitch deck outlining your education-focused venture or project. Include key information such as problem statement, solution overview, market analysis, and impact projections.

  • Selection Process

    Our panel of judges will review all submissions and select the most promising entries to proceed to the next stage.

  • Pitch Presentation

    Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their pitches to the judging panel. Prepare to showcase your innovation, passion, and vision for the future of education.

  • Winner Announcement

    The grand winner will be announced during a special ceremony, where they will receive recognition and valuable prizes to support their entrepreneurial journey.

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Our panel of judges includes respected leaders from education, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Dato' Simon Lim
Managing Partner

Messrs Gan & Zul

Pn Norliah binti Abdul Aziz
Deputy Director

Services and Multilateral Relations Sector, Private Education Division, Ministry of Education (MOE) Malaysia

Goh Boon Peng

My Startr Sdn Bhd

Kenny Chua

Vilor Berhad

Kedios Ooh

Kedios Berhad

Andrew Thu

My Lives Global Capital Sdn Bhd

Wong Keng Fai

Capbright Sdn Bhd

Alief Iskandar Mohd Zuhri
Executive Director

Capbright Sdn Bhd

Choong Kok Keong
Audit Partner

Crowe Malaysia PLT

Founder Stage

Judging Criteria

  1. Problem Statement:The clarity and specificity of the identified problem in the education sector that the venture aims to address.
  2. Solution Overview: The comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the proposed solution in addressing the identified problem statement.
  3. Market Analysis: The depth and accuracy of the analysis of the target market, including understanding of needs, trends, and competitors.
  4. Feasibility: The viability and practicality of implementing the proposed solution.
  5. Business Model: The effectiveness and scalability of the proposed business model. How the venture intends to generate revenue and whether this model is sustainable over time.
  6. Team Expertise: The qualifications, experience and capabilities of the team members to execute the proposed venture successfully.
  7. Overall Presentation: Clarity, coherence and effectiveness of the pitch presentation.
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