Welcome to the International Education Symposium (IES) 2024, a bi-annual gathering that serves as a platform for exploring global trends and addressing vital issues related to business sustainability, growth, and other challenges within the private education sector. The IES 2024 is hosted by the Private Education Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (PEEAM) in collaboration with KEDIOS BERHAD as the official partner.

“Advancing Global Private Education for Sustainability”

The focal point of this year’s IES is centered on the theme of “Advancing Global Private Education for Sustainability”.
The central theme highlights a mutual dedication to acknowledging the critical importance of sustainability in educational endeavors for the future of education. The symposium provides a dedicated platform for exploring, discussing, and advancing strategies that contribute to the sustainability and enduring success of private education on a global scale. Through promoting dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders, the event aims to drive the private education sector towards a future characterized by resilience, innovation, and long-term viability.

Participating Countries:


Facilitate Private-Public Relationship
Inspire Change & Take Action
Address Sustainability Challenges
International Collaboration Opportunities


The centerpiece of our programme will be a Symposium and Panel Discussion, providing a platform for thought leaders, experts, and industry professionals to share insights, discuss trends, and exchange ideas on advancing the sustainability of educational ventures and relevant topics. In addition to THE SYMPOSIUM, the IES 2024 will feature two additional impactful programmes: FOUNDER STAGE and PEEAM EDUAWARDS.


The event aims to drive the private education sector towards a future characterized by resilience, innovation, and long-term viability.


Provides edupreneurs the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and projects to shape the future of education.


A prestigious event honoring remarkable edupreneurs for their exceptional commitment and impact in private education entrepreneurship

IES 2024

Why Attend?

Inspiration and Insight

Gain fresh perspectives and ideas from top experts at the Symposium, enhancing your understanding of education trends.

Excitement and Engagement

Engage in the lively Founder Stage Pitching Competition, witnessing innovative solutions and ideas in action.

Celebration of Excellence

Opportunity to recognize and applaud outstanding efforts and successes within the Private Education Industry.

Networking and Connections

Connect with industry peers and professionals, expanding your network and potential collaborations during the event
Host Organisation

Private Education Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (PEEAM)

Established in 2018, Private Education Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (PEEAM) is a non-for-profit organisations representing the Private Education Entrepreneurs and Operators in Malaysia. It was founded to provide a platform for the Private Education Entrepreneurs to exchange and share ideas in education business and to strive for affordable and quality private education for Malaysian.
Official Partner


Today, Kedios Berhad's ecosystem encompasses Kedios Business Lab (Incubation and Consulting), Kedios EdTech (EdTech R&D), and Kedios M&A (JV Edu Co.). Through its 13 education brands, the company is dedicated to a unified vision of making education accessible for all, with a relentless pursuit of quality and sustainability.